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Coach Krysia is the cultivator and the scientist in the path to great dating and, in turn, a great partnership that is lined by the fruit that nourishes builds, and improves YOU!

She has a well-thought-out, intentional roadmap for everything from why certain pictures work best on a profile, to the tips and most successful practices for first dates, and that’s just the beginning. I personally feel that her true talent lies in making me a better person for myself and for having the emotional intelligence to help with so many internal struggles and challenges that are also likely keeping me from recognizing a good and healthy partnership.

If dating was a sport and you needed to win the championship to find your person, then Coach Krysia is equipped to take you there.

Kind, caring, delicate, and still not afraid to say it like it is; I am truly fortunate to have found her and even more grateful that she is sharing her gifts of time and talent with me.