Emotional Maturity Is Hot

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Emotional Maturity Is Hot

Dating and relationships are ever-evolving, and researchers have witnessed yet another shift in dating patterns with the recent pandemic jolt. This shift occurred as an outcome of all that people had to go through collectively. The pandemic has directly impacted how people perceive their partners, and it is evident that they are looking for emotional maturity more than other things that were previously on their list.

Impact of COVID-19 on our business

Singles have reset their romantic and sexual priorities and want emotional maturity over physical attraction. This makes dating coaching more valuable than ever when seeking a life partner. According to Match’s Singles in America study, where researchers surveyed over 5,000 singles between the ages of 18 and 98 across the U.S., singles have come out of the pandemic isolation by prioritizing the most important things in their lives like physical and mental health, building stronger friendships and family relationships and self-confidence. This makes singles more eligible than ever! This means dating is exploding with quality matches. Learning to date smart is a learned skill for filtering for your romantic partner.

Recent changes in our communication patterns

Communication tools have evolved so that in-person coaching is a thing of the past. Video conferencing has become easier in coaching practices with the bonus of audio recordings. These private coaching sessions are available to the client, so note-taking is not required during the live session. This allows for more focus and, therefore, better quality coaching.

Our work culture post-pandemic

Remote work is preferred to keep everyone safe. With video conferencing, my clients can access my dating coaching services from anywhere on the planet as long as they have wi-fi. I prefer Zoom for video since I can record the sessions for my clients’ reference. And yes, I am open to presenting in public now that most restrictions have been lifted.

It is all about stability and security now

The pandemic has initiated an appetite for more meaningful, steadfast, and long-term relationships. In addition to the shift toward an interest in emotional maturity, the Match study also found that singles are looking for stability and security in long-term partners.

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