Swipe Right Success: Top 10 Traits Men Look for in your Dating Profile

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Swipe Right Success: Top 10 Traits Men Look for in your Dating Profile

Hey there, ladies! If your dating profile is not getting you results, or you're just jumping into the online dating world, then you're in for a treat. I've gathered the Top 10 Traits that men are drawn to in a woman's dating profile.

So, let's break down what's going to make your profile a beacon of attraction.

  1. HAPPINESS: The Beacon of Your Profile 
    Be a burst of sunshine; men are drawn to happiness like moths to a flame. Share a story that made you laugh until your sides hurt or describe your ideal Sunday that leaves you grinning from ear to ear. A happy and content personality is like a warm invitation to a party everyone wants to attend. Let your joy be the first thing that greets anyone who reads your profile — it's the universal welcome.
  2. INTEREST IN MEN: The Clear Invitation
    Nothing speaks louder than clarity. State plainly that you're interested in finding a great guy and watch how they'll respond with equal enthusiasm. This isn't about playing games; it's about putting out a clear, open invitation to connect, showing that you're serious about this journey and excited about the prospects.
  3. SPECIFIC PREFERENCES: The Detail That Captures Attention
    Be the author of your romantic journey by specifying what you admire in a partner. Is it a sense of love for witty banter, an appreciation for kindness, or a spontaneous spirit. Being specific about what you like in a man can make him think, "Hey, that's me!" and he will eagerly write to you knowing that he is accepted for shared preference. Give the reader something to write to you about, the gold is in the details.
  4. ADMIRATION: The Tribute to Their Traits
    Highlight your respect for certain manly virtues, whether it's integrity, an unwavering work ethic, or a compassionate heart. Start your sentence with “I admire a man who…”. Whatever it is, your admiration can be a big attractor. This not only sets the bar for what you're looking for but also shows that you're someone who values depth and character in a partner. Your profile will stand out from the boring, mediocre profiles by writing to the ONE MAN who qualifies and not to the masses.
  5. POSITIVITY: The Breath of Fresh Air
    Your positive outlook is your profile's breath of fresh air in a world full of negatives. Emphasize your optimistic take on life. It whispers promises of good times and laughter, of a partner who sees the glass as half full, even on a rainy day. Inject your profile with the energy of your most uplifting thoughts and watch as it becomes a magnet for those seeking light in their lives.
  6. BODY CONFIDENCE: The Celebration of Self
    Confidence is sexy, so a phrase about embracing your curves or loving your freckles can be empowering and attractive. Embrace every inch of yourself and declare it with pride. This isn't about fitting a mold; it's about breaking it and showing that you love the skin you are in. This kind of self-love and body confidence isn't just sexy; it's a declaration of self-respect and an invitation to others to respect you, too.
  7. STABILITY: The Grounded Presence
    Indicate that you've got your life in balance says you're a partner, not a project. Mention how you've cultivated a tranquil and drama-free life, and how you're looking for someone to share that serenity with. It's a trait that says you're not just after excitement; you're after a partnership that can stand the test of time.
  8. APPRECIATION: The Promise of Recognition
    Make a vow in your profile to not just seek but to acknowledge and appreciate the good in your future partner. It's a two-way street, it's not just about finding someone who can live up to your expectations, but also about being the person who can see and celebrate their efforts and qualities.

    Like my mentor, Adam Gilad says, “Men are Pavlov’s gender” referring to the idea that men, like the dogs in Pavlov's experiment, are easily conditioned and influenced by external reward. So praise men for doing the right thing, no matter how small.
  9. BE HIS HIGHLIGHT: The Positive Impact
    Suggest that you're about adding joy, not drama, to someone's life. Highlight how you make life sweeter. Illustrate through anecdotes or visions of the future how you aim to add value to a man's life. It could be through shared adventures, intellectual conversations, or simply a supportive embrace after a long day. Show them that with you, life will be more fulfilling, more vibrant, and simply more fun.
  10. SENSUALLY ALIVE: The Decadent Senses
    Lastly, describe what ignites your senses. Maybe it's the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning, the touch of a silk dress, the serenity of painting, or the sounds of a live jazz band. When you speak of what delights your senses, you speak of a life lived with passion, and that's an invitation to a dance many would love to join.

    Now that you've got the ingredients, it's time to sprinkle 3 or 4 into your dating profile. Remember, authenticity is your secret sauce here so choose the ones that reflect the real you. You're not just listing qualities; you're weaving a story of who you are and inviting someone into your world…like a test drive. Your ideal man will respond thinking “My life will be better with her”.

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