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    If dating was a sport and you needed to win the championship to find your person, then Coach Krysia is equipped to take you there. I am truly fortunate and grateful that she is sharing her gifts of time and talent with me.
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    Working with a female dating coach helps me learn how to approach women. I am overwhelmed with the amount of women responding to my dating profile and my response rates are high.

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    Why wouldn’t you hire a dating coach for one of the most important things you will have in your life? It boils down to the skill of attracting the right person for you. Coach Krysia will get you there in no time.

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    Thank you, Krysia, for what you do, for you do what you do it so well.

    With your kind grace and radiant optimism, you create a very safe and warm space, where you make it easy to explore.

    Your insights elevate. Have you written anything yet that I can purchase?

    I'm shocked you're not charging for a first session! It's probably just as well because nobody could afford what you're actually worth.

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    Krysia’s coaching is AMAZING!

    She always comes completely prepared to every session and guides you through a fun experience of self-discovery and learning. Her beautiful smile, upbeat personality, and devotion to serving others make her special! Coach Krysia, You Rock the Relationship World!

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    Coach Krysia is the cultivator and the scientist in the path to great dating and, in turn, a great partnership that is lined by the fruit that nourishes builds, and improves YOU!

    She has a well-thought-out, intentional roadmap for everything from why certain pictures work best on a profile, to the tips and most successful practices for first dates, and that’s just the beginning. I personally feel that her true talent lies in making me a better person for myself and for having the emotional intelligence to help with so many internal struggles and challenges that are also likely keeping me from recognizing a good and healthy partnership.

    If dating was a sport and you needed to win the championship to find your person, then Coach Krysia is equipped to take you there.

    Kind, caring, delicate, and still not afraid to say it like it is; I am truly fortunate to have found her and even more grateful that she is sharing her gifts of time and talent with me.

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    I am grateful to work with Love Coach Krysia!

    I learned to let go of old baggage, learn from my past, and embrace what’s great about my life and my experiences, which have made me the wonderful person I am!

    My clothes did not enhance my body and I learned what clothes work great on me!

    I learned to get clear on the fun experiences my man and I will have and to write a profile based on these fun times!

    I highly recommend working with Love Coach Krysia to learn from the past, accept & enjoy the present, and visualize and attract the future!

    Much love and blessings,

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    Krysia, I’m so glad we did this.

    You’re phenomenal and you know what?

    What you have done for me today is exactly what I’m looking for and what I needed. What you’ve given me is stuff that feels right to me. It’s not impersonal, like a blanket to apply to anybody. No, it’s so specific to who I am, and how I operate and how I phrase things. This feels like a good fit. We will do this regularly.

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    I love working with Coach Krysia!!!

    The lovely Coach Krysia leads us once a week in a co-ed zoom group. She is fabulous!!! Krysia provides us with such practical content that we can easily apply to date and relationships. The content she provides is invaluable!!!

    I was having difficulty and Coach Krysia provided me with a 1:1 zoom call. She was so kind and insanely helpful!!!! I ended that call with way more clarity about what I want and what I deserve!!

    Thank you Coach Krysia for your amazing guidance and incredible kindness!!!

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    Dear Krysia, People say that 1 person can't make a difference but you have proven them wrong. You are so kind and giving of yourself. In such a short time, you have taught me so much and empowered me.

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    Dear Krysia! To me, you represent cornerstone trustworthiness, playful innocence and soothing wisdom. So grateful for you as a soul sister who’s bringing more love to the world! 

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    "I'm so grateful for Krysia's guidance in helping me enjoy dating after divorce. 

    With Krysia's help, my new dating profile was launched to surprising results!   The quality of my matches improved so much that I'm on dates at least once a week with great guys.  

    I'm confident that it's just a matter of time when I meet my soulmate."