The Essential Guide to Recognizing a Healthy Dating Relationship

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The Essential Guide to Recognizing a Healthy Dating Relationship

Building your relationship with a partner that fits well with you is exciting and life-enhancing as the two of you look forward to a happy life together. You might even discuss hopes and dreams for the future. So how do you ensure that you get to keep this wonderful experience you're building together?

There are many paths to a healthy dating relationship. However, once you get there, it most likely will look something like this:

1. Healthy Partners Exhibit Excellent Communication Skills: They excel at communication. They're there for each other, always ready to lend an ear and make meaningful eye contact when they talk. They take turns sharing and listening, creating a dynamic exchange that's built on empathy and care. 

2. Healthy Partners Look Like They're Enjoying Life: Both partners will smile a lot. In essence, they are happy to be together. 

  • For example, I remember a night out with my date in a crowded nightclub. a stranger approached us with a warm smile and told us how they loved seeing us 'in love.' It was a moment that made us realize our connection was so strong that it radiated a palpable aura to those around us. 

3. They Appear Quite Comfortable With One Another: They openly display affectionate gestures, such as holding hands, hugging, or kissing in public, without hesitation or self-consciousness.

  • At a party, they might "separate" briefly to take part in conversations with others. Eventually, they'll gravitate back to one another to see how the other's doing. They "check in" frequently with each other.

4. Disagreements Are Handled Using Moderated Voice Volume And Tone: In a relationship, there's bound to be an occasional disagreement or misunderstanding. How these are handled makes all the difference.

  • At those times, each partner will take special care to get hold of their feelings and seek a resolution to the disagreement. 

5. Saying Sorry, Admitting Mistakes in Healthy Relationships: In a close loving relationship, partners are honest with themselves and their partners regarding mistakes they make. It's all about being totally honest with each other, especially when it comes to admitting mistakes.  Let's say one person messes up, instead of playing the blame game, they just own up to it and say sorry to their partner. This is super important because it shows that they really care for each other.  

  • It's like saying, "Hey, I messed up, and I'm sorry. I care about us so much that I will fix it." That's what healthy partners do—they understand that admitting when you're wrong is a way of showing love and commitment.

6. Healthy Partners Show Genuine Respect For One Another: Such partners comprehend that sharing mutual respect sends impactful ongoing messages to one another of "I cherish you" and "You are special to me." 

7. Trust Is Obvious As The Relationship Grows: Healthy partners do not need to create drama through having suspicions about the other. 

  • Trust in dating is like a delicate dance. It's built on honesty, consistency, and mutual respect. It's the confidence that your partner has your back, and you have theirs. It's the foundation for a love that grows stronger with each step you take together. 💑💖

8. They Each Care About How The Other Feels: If one partner notices a particular look or behavior by the other that is unusual or out of character, they'll express concern and inquire about it. 

  • In essence, a healthy couple becomes consistently in tune with one another over time. In a sense, they monitor each other's feelings.

9. Healthy Partners Have A Shared Social Life: They make plans to have fun and go out as a couple sometimes and other times with friends. 

  • Having dates just with each other solidifies the partnership and ensures partners stay intimately connected. Healthy partners want to have dates and eagerly make time for them. 

  • By the same token, such partners also strive to share their relationships with friends and family members. They occasionally go together to social events or evenings out with loved ones.

10. Healthy Partners Each Have A Solid Sense Of Independence And A Strong Sense Of Self: Each can stand on his/her own two feet if they so choose. 

  • Even though they have each other, each partner understands they are still an individual and they each bring something important and interesting to the relationship.

11. Their Eyes Still Seek Out Each Other And Meet From Across The Room: Interestingly, partners in a healthy relationship want and seek their partners out more than they do anyone else. 

  • Healthy partners are also good friends. They're interested in one another as individuals and truly strive to share as much time as possible.

As you can see, building and maintaining a healthy relationship takes ongoing care, Yet, all this relies on the crucial first step of choosing a partner who is truly compatible with you. Choosing the right person to date exclusively is like laying the foundation for a strong and beautiful building. Just as you wouldn't start building on shaky ground, in the world of dating, it's essential to pick someone who really meshes well with you from the start. If you get that part right, everything else you do to nurture the relationship has a much better chance of working out. It's all about finding someone who truly fits with you, and then putting in the effort to keep things healthy and flourishing.

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